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Vapor Tech 10m NI200 Pure Nickel - Vapor Tech Wire - 1

Vapor Tech

Vapor Tech 10m NI200 Pure Nickel


10m (30 feet) NI200 nickel e-cigarette coils wire
Nickel 200 is commercially pure (typically 99.6%) and has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance
It also has good electrical and thermal properties
Non magnetic
99.6 percent pure Nickel
Density: 8.89 g / cm3
Melting Point: 1446 degrees
Coefficient of expansion (20-100 degrees): 13.3ìm / m degree
Modulus of rigidity: 81kN / mm²
Modulus of elasticity: 204kN/mm²
Electrical resistivity: 9.6ìW . cm
Thermal conductivity: 702 W/m.Degree

  • Avaliable diameters: 0.2, 0.25, 0.32, 0.4, 0.51, 0.64
  • Corresponding model number: AWG32, AWG30, AWG28, AWG26, AWG24, AWG22

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