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Cloud Alchemist

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Cloud Alchemist is a boutique vapor liquid designer based out of Seattle, WA and dedicated to the use of the highest quality ingredients.

They do not use added sweeteners or coloring and our nicotine, sourced from the European Union, is among the purest commercially available. All of our base ingredients are Pharmacopeia approved and generally-recognized-as-safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

Packaging reflects our values. Clean and simple, our bottles are designed to give you the best experience possible, from the first drip to the last.

Frosted amber glass bottles offer unparalleled protection against ultraviolet degradation and are immune to chemical leaching into the vapor liquid. Each bottle is topped with a child-resistant cap for peace of mind. Once emptied of our delectable flavors, a quick clean will leave them in perfect condition to reuse for your own projects or safely recyclable.

Take a moment to browse our select menu. Each flavor is mature, subtle, and complex, created to tease the palette, not overwhelm. All of our flavors are a result of months of countless iterations, testing, and refinement. Like many of our devoted followers, we know you’ll find something to love.