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All in One (AIO) design devices – nice way to try vaping!

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The "all in one" design is carried into a box shape with an incorporated tank and internal battery. So, you buy this one thing, charge it, fill it with juice and enjoy your vaping experience. The AIO e-cigs are perfect beginners starter kits.
All In One devices are very popular and suitable not only for beginners but anyone who wants easy and simple vaping.
Here you can find new AIO vaping systems.

iCare Starter Kit by Eleaf is a compact e-cigarette starter kit with an internal tank and airflow system. It is quite simple to use for the automatic On/Off feature that initiate when vaping. The e-liquid can be refilled into the tank from top with ease. Also with intuitive three color LEDs, you can easily check the battery status by a simple glance at the color of the light. The 650mAh battery supports about 400 puffs vaping. You could hold this tiny kit in hand or put it in small pocket. In a word Eleaf iCare it’s perfectly compact simple to use and cheap device.

eGo AIO Box has the innovative anti-leaking structure with 2ml e-juice capacity. eGo AIO Box applies all-in-one style with atomizer inserted inside, which is quite convenient to use. Petite yet powerful enough to produce large vapor. It is powered by a 2100mAh built-in battery. Childproof structure is applied, simply twist the cap with pressure. It is simple and convenient to use with several fashionable indicator lights. Multiple colors, changeable stickers, and its simplicity and efficiency all make the eGo AIO Box quite popular and unique.

eVic AIO features are an interchangeable plate which allows to replace the battery or atomizer easily. eVic AIO adopts the best anti-leaking structure with top refilling and top airflow control system. Large 0.96-inch OLED screen, colorful stickers and multiple coil options all make it more practical and attractive catering to your preference.eVic AIO adopts a detachable magnetic cover. Simply remove the cover to change the battery and take out the glass tube easily. Also, upgradable firmware always enables it up-to-date.

All of these devices  are in  stock  now! 

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