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Electronic Cigarette Cyprus – E-Cigarette legal status in Cyprus

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Legal status of electronic cigarettes – Electronic Cigarette Cyprus


Traditional tobacco cigarettes: Cyprus has banned smoking in bars, restaurants, nightclubs and workplaces.

Electronic cigarettes: do not regulate e-cigs, deeming them to be consumer products, subject only to everyday restrictions like any other consumer products.

Personal import

There is a difference between personal import and commercial import, and this applies in almost every country. For example in a country where e-cigarette or nicotine refill import is banned, it is usually the case that this applies to commercial imports through Customs. Personal packages via the postal service are often not affected.

Local authorities

Any local authority, including a state, city, town or county, probably has the statutory right to permit or prohibit specified activities within their area. In most cases this would require a vote by the managing committee.

Although smoking regulations cannot be applied to e-cigarette use (as they are outside any legal definition of smoking), a local authority can bypass this with what are in effect Byelaws, which need no national or Federal basis in law for validity.

Therefore a local authority (and this probably applies worldwide) can prohibit any activity within its public buildings; within property that it owns, including residential property; and outside within public spaces owned or managed by the authority. Such activities might include use of e-cigarettes. In addition a local authority usually has the power to prohibit the sale of a specific class of goods within its area.

Property owners

A property owner normally has the legal right to prohibit any specific activity on their property, indoors or out; or to permit any activity not otherwise covered by law.

Where to order electronic cigarette to Cyprus?

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All updates on legal status of electronic cigarettes in Cyprus are welcome in comments.

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