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How to check authentic of Sony VCT4 18650 battery. Real vs Fake check.

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How to check Sony VCT4 battery:

Here is a great article from

They learned that fake Sony batteries were being sold on e-Bay.  They purchased said batteries and found a multitude of differences between the real and e-bay bought Sony VTC5 batteries. 

Fake Seam Sony VTC5

I think the most obvious is the nasty seem. I would think almost everything would be overlooked by the average user but this seem is a dead giveaway since NO other battery maker has this issue it really catches the attention of the user.

Fake Dot Matrix VTC5

The one on the left seems to be burnt in. The fake seems to be printed on the label in a neat square. NOTE: there seems to be some variance on the QR code either being slightly different or not present on real batteries. If needed, I will update this with more specifics. 

Font Alignment VTC5

You can see the text alignment and font is slightly off. The logo seems a bit larger as well.


Postive comparison VTC5

In the image there is not much to see, both fakes I have came with sticky stuff on the positive. The positive seems only slightly raised. But this difference was hard to photograph.


Negative side Fake VTC5

The negative post will be raised on the fake. This is usually the sign of a China made battery. MNKE, Efest and other China brands I come across usually have this raised negative.


Final notes:

This will continue to happen, as time goes by I am not surprised.

Just take care and choose them carefully.


Recap the main differences:

  • Nasty looks of wrapping
  • QR seems to be printed on the label for fake
  • On clones text alignment and font is slightly off
  • The positive seems only slightly raised
  • The negative post will be raised on the fake


Beware of clone in using in high-amps devices, such as high wattage Box-mods! It could be dangerous!

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