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iJOY Asolo 200W - First mod, with temperature control for all wires includes kanthal A1!

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iJOY Asolo: taste control & temp control

Nothing is impossible:

This mod TC control with any kind of wire !

Also it can monitor juice level and will flash a reminder to refill juice.
It won't burn any coil, it won't change the power output, it CAN taste control.
It have Ti mode, Ni mode, it have mode can fit all wires in the market!
It use Frequency conversion control instead of voltage control, more than 99% conversion of power that makes the battery much more durable.

what do your guys think about this

The major features are as below:

1. Update Tempature control to Taste control
what you need to do is to take some puffs to find your desired vaping taste before switch to TC mode. then keep pressing "T" button.

2.Support all kinds of wires
based on Asolo design, it can support almost all the coil material in the market, Ti, Ni, Ni-Cr, Ti-cr, Kanthal A1,etc. it is the first and only one that can support kanthal in the market so far.

3. Special password function
provent perople under 18 from using the device.

4. E-liquid indicator
The indicator will flash 2times when the device doesn't have enought e-liquid.

5. Malfuction Alert on OLED screen and protection
short-circuit, low resistance, low power and etc. will have corresponding displays in the screen and make certain reactions.
6.small size, much smaller than any other 100w plus box mod



Of course, you can but it in our shop!

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